Come discover the Hoosier Grove Museum and connect with history!

The museum was built as a one-room school house in 1904 and served the residents of Hoosier Grove (now Streamwood) until 1954.

At the museum you can explore the building, touch artifacts and learn about life in a one-room schoolhouse. There also will be a free take-home craft offered by the museum every Saturday.

Hoosier Grove Museum Fun Facts

  • The Hoosier Grove Schoolhouse was built in 1904 on Schuenman’s Farm. A typical school day was from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
  • The schoolhouse was not only a school, but was also used for elections, picnics, celebrations, and public meetings.
  • The schoolhouse was struck by lightning in 1907.
  • The schoolhouse was part of school district 43 1/2. The “1/2” being that half of the school was in Hanover Township, and the other half in Schaumburg Township.
  • When the schoolhouse closed in 1954, there still wasn’t any running water.