The site will eventually chronicle the development of Streamwood, Illinois, from its rural origins to a community of suburban Chicago. It will reveal the history of the community one story at a time via special on-line projects. The first project, Through Tillie’s Eyes is currently posted. It is an on-line exhibit that depicts life in rural Hanover Township in the first quarter of the twentieth century as seen through the eyes of a young woman who attended Hoosier Grove School.

Through Tillie’s Eyes contains several activity pages and other educational materials.

These sections are:

  • Women’s Work – highlights women’s roles on the farm
  • Lunch Pails – includes a recipe for sugar cookies from a former Hoosier Grove School student
  • Drawing Lesson – print out 4 lessons from early 20th century textbooks
  • Oration Lesson – print out a game that teaches pantomime skills
  • 8th Grade Exam – see an example of an exam from the 1930’s
  • Confirmation Day – see a confirmation certificate from 1867
  • Leisure Time – compare what people in the first part of the 20th century did for fun to today
  • Tending Sheep – read the story, “Wool Gathering” from a turn of the 20th century reader

Here are some suggestions for using this on-line project in the classroom:

  • Create a Classroom Photo Album
  • Create a Classroom Cookbook
  • Drawing and Nature Activities

Be sure to come back to Teacher’s Desk. We will be adding activities for classroom use designed for and by teachers, based on the Illinois State Standards. If you are a teacher who has ideas for using our site in the classroom, please contact the museum manager at or by calling 630-213-9706.